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Screening Services

Screening Services

There are basically three types of Screening Services and an almost unlimited number of names to describe them. The first is Background Screening | Background Checks. The second type is Tenant Screening | Tenant Backgrounds. Finally the third is Vendor Screening | Vendor Backgrounds.

Screening Services are an examination of the qualifications of an applicant.

These screening services can be described in general terms as various types of background checks or background investigations. These services should be conducted if an applicant is looking for a job, a tenant applicant is interested in renting one of your properties, or a vendor applicant wishes to become an approved vendor with your company.

Below are the short versions of some of the screening services we offer and a brief explanation of what you can expect.

For additional details relating to any of the areas click more under each section.

As a property owner and/or manager you have many responsibilities in keeping the property(s) well maintained and your tenants happy. Before your potential tenant signs the lease you should ask yourself this question. Is Tenant Screening | Tenant Backgrounds worth the money? The short answer is yes, and here is why.

Many property owners or managers do not screen the potential tenant before they sign the lease which can cost, time, money and unnecessary difficulties in the long run.

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“A&T has been very helpful to Promag DisplayCorr Canada Inc. and we have used their services for a number of years. They consistently meet our needs and requirements and are able to find us a good selection of candidates to choose from. They have regularly been able to find us qualified candidates in a very short time frame.”

Donald Simpson
Director, Promag DisplayCorr Canada Inc

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